Lake Eola Park | Orlando Land Trust

Major Accomplishment | Million by March Achieved

The fundraising campaign for the Orlando Land Trust started by “two little old ladies” has reached its goal to raise ONE MILLION by MARCH! This congratulations is not just to Lynn Long and Eugenia Sefcik. This effort would not have been possible without the vision of Ted Haddock, Chairman of the OLT and the Board of Trustees.

A million thanks to community members who opened their homes to neighbors for presentations or invited OLT’s representatives to speak at their businesses, clubs, and condo association meetings. Thank you to the volunteers who during the campaign attended and set up information tables at many events including Pine Castle Pioneer Days and Orlando Wetlands Festival. Many ‘behind the scene’ volunteers writing thank you notes, making phone calls, designing the website, and attending City meetings have been instrumental in our success.

Because of you we made our goal! We thank you!

The Robert Murrell Family, current owner of the property, has been a significant partner enabling the corner of Rosalind and Central to become the gateway to Lake Eola Park.  Thank you Robert, Melissa and Michelle for your support!

Additional thanks to Steve Goldman, Chairman of the Winter Park Land Trust, and OLT Trustee for guiding us so we could receive our 501(c)3 status. It’s truly taken a community joined together and working tirelessly for seven months to raise a MILLION BY MARCH! Thank you Orlando for your support! 

Lake Eola Park | Orlando Land Trust