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“I believe the future of Orlando and its communities will benefit greatly from the work we are setting out to do together, outliving each of us to care for those we will never know. What a beautiful way to steward the Earth and love our neighbors.” - Ted Haddock, Chairman of Board of Trustees

Our End Goal is $3.25 million! We need to cross the finish line!

Orlando Land Trust set out to raise $3.25 million as a means to protect Lake Eola Park.  We are SO CLOSE with  just $85K left to raise. If you or someone you know are interested in supporting our efforts. Please reach out or donate today.

Your support goes a long way to acquire a concrete corner of the park, and redesign it as additional park space, then gifting it to the city. Donate today!

$ 325000
Left to Raise


Lake Eola Park - Downtown Orlando | Orlando Land Trust

The ORLANDO LAND TRUST was established as a means of improving and protecting parks, playgrounds, and green spaces for all Orlando residents.

As Orlando grows, its communities’ needs for quality parks, green spaces and natural habitat grows with it. Orlando Land Trust is committed to protect and improve local green spaces for the public benefit and the flourishing of natural ecosystems. Orlando Land Trust works with residents, local leaders, businesses and community stakeholders for win-win solutions that make Orlando more beautiful, healthy and enjoyable for all.

Lake Eola Park is the Center for Community and Leisure Activity in Downtown Orlando


Orlando Land Trust

50 swans of 5 different varieties, beautiful flowers, picnic areas and bird watching.


Sunday Farmer’s Market,  yoga in the park, .9 mile paved loop and beautiful art installations.


Festivals, Concerts,  Holiday Celebrations, Charity Events and Foot Races.


Rentable swan-shaped paddle boats, local restaurants and Walt Disney Amphitheater.



Preserve, protect and expand Lake Eola Park and the surrounding green space of Orlando’s most iconic and historic park by reducing development on the lake.
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It is with an optimistic, yet determined mind-set toward Orlando and the future of Lake Eola Park that the Orlando Land Trust is embarking on its first Capital Campaign
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Each and every investment makes a difference. Your investment supports our mission to preserve, protect and enrich the beautiful spaces and places in Orlando.
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