Lynn Long is a fifth generation Orlandoan who was raised in downtown Orlando where Lake Eola was considered the center of family leisure.  Dr. Long is a retired professor of Marriage and the Family Therapy and former Chair of the Department of Counseling and Therapy at Stetson University.  Dr. Long has co-authored two textbooks and and written numerous articles and publications on topics related to family issues. Dr. Long is an internationally known expert and speaker on customs and cultures.   
Dr. Long currently serves on Board of Directors of her family owned lumber company, Thomas Lumber, located in downtown Orlando for over 95 years. She has been engaged in numerous community projects and has served as an advocate for protecting Lake Eola Park and Downtown Orlando development for over 10 years.
Lynn and her husband, Stan, are a blending family. They have four children and two adult grandchildren. Their younger grandchildren, Gabe, Luke and Lela Landis are frequent visitors to Lake Eola to play on the playground and watch the baby ducks and swans. They also attend the lighting of the Christmas tree at the lake each year. Lynn and her husband have made a point of introducing their grandchildren to outdoor activities and appreciation of nature and the natural environment. They spend summers visiting national parks for hiking and studying nature. The children are in the process of obtaining junior ranger badges at each national park they visit and take an oath to protect and be good stewards of the earth and greenspace. This zest for preservation of our natural resources is a part of their legacy and will hopefully serve to continue their commitment to their children and their children’s children for generations to come.
Dr. Long received her B.A. from Wesleyan College, M.A. from Rollins College, ED.S. degree from the University of Florida and her Ph.D from the University of Florida.